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Blizzident: a toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth for 6 seconds

Blizzident- a toothbrush, that brushes all your teeth for 6 seconds

Traditionally dentists recommend us to brush teeth for at least two minutes. But at the same time it was noted, that even if you follow their advice, the efficiency of an ordinary brush is 65 % and of the electric – 70%.

Designers from the Blizzident company created a device of the same name, which will allow to clean all the teeth at the same time. The procedure takes only 6 seconds, and it is 100% efficient, as the developers say.

Blizzident completely changed the usual shape of brushes. Their device is a 3D- model of the person’s jaw, the inner part of which is equipped with 400 toothbrush bristles. The cleaning process includes 10-12 bitings of Blizzident device, which allows you to brush all your teeth at once.

Since Blizzident contains 10 times more bristles than an ordinary brush and each bristle brushes a special region, therefore the creators point out its durability: you should buy a new brush only once a year.

The first order of the brush on the manufacturer’s website goes like this: a person sends dental scan ( you can ask your dentist to make it) and receives a unique personal 3D- toothbrush. It costs $ 299. Buying the next toothbrush will be cheaper.

It is difficult to imagine that you can brush your teeth with such a device, as since childhood we got used to standard toothbrush, so any innovation in this sphere seems surprising. But it was before the 3D printing appeared.

If your dentist is experienced enough, you can consult him, get a 3D image of your mouth cavity, and send .stl file to Blizzident. They will make a “toothbrush” from environmentally friendly materials that will fit you. One of the designers from Blizzident said that it makes the mouth 100 % clean for 6 seconds.

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